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How Do Orthodontic Elastics Work?

August 25th, 2021

Orthodontic elastic band
Photo by Jamie Henderson. Source: Flickr. Triangle rubber band to "button". License: CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

The orthodontic elastics are classified into two types, ligatures and rubber bands. The ligature is a rubber elastic that goes around the brackets helping the archwire to stay in the proper place on the brackets. It pushes or pulls teeth in a specific direction where they need to go during the orthodontic treatment.

Alternatively, the rubber bands are the larger form of orthodontic elastics that are used for applying pressure to the jaw. It helps to pull the jaw either backward or forward depending upon the movement one needs for achieving a proper alignment. Rubber bands can easily be inserted in different configurations.

However, while using orthodontic elastics, the lower and upper teeth should be perfectly fit together and lined up when a person bites down. Keep on reading to discover how the professionals like Robison Orthodontics use these elastics during their treatment.

What Are Orthodontic Elastics?

Orthodontic elastic bands accelerate the straightening or moving process which is considered essential for orthodontic treatment. The professionals like orthodontist Gilbert, AZ consider these bands as a treatment process after patients have worn the braces for at least 4 to 6 months. It’s a crucial part, especially for some patients.

elastic bands

The professional Gilbert orthodontist prefers offering these elastic bands to their patients to avoid the prolonged use of braces. However, these elastic bands should be worn for a prescribed amount of time to get the desired result. Typically, it is required to wear them for at least 10 to 12 hours but it depends on individual patients.

Reasons to Use Orthodontic Elastic Bands

Instead of Gilbert, AZ braces, the professionals prescribe their patients for using the bands for a specific reason. Although, both the braces and elastic bands have their unique qualities, still wearing the elastic bands becomes complementary to achieve the accurate result from orthodontic treatment.

Here are the reasons to use the orthodontic elastic bands:

Elastics Help to Fix the Bite

The Gilbert AZ braces and aligners help to align the teeth. Generally, braces are the device glued onto a person’s teeth either on the outside or the inside that help to move the teeth via a force produced by these wires. Aligners, on the other hand, move the teeth using clear plastic shells snapping over the teeth and producing the force.

teeth jaw alignment

Both of these techniques are effective for aligning the lower or upper teeth separately, but these two techniques need something that’ll help them to stay connected between the arches for correcting the bite. This is the reason why the Gilbert orthodontist prescribes elastic bands to stay connected between the arches.

It’s Simple Yet Effective

As per the professionals like orthodontist Gilbert, AZ using the elastic bands is the simplest out of all the treatment options available for correcting the alignment of lower and upper teeth set. These bands are tooth-colored to perfectly blend in with the set of teeth. Besides, these are flexible, stretchy, and convenient for use.

Using these elastic bands instead of Gilbert, AZ braces, will help patients to maintain a range of motion during yawning, talking, and other jaw functions. Also, these elastic bands are easy to replace and remove. As a result, it facilitates brushing, eating, and other daily chores.

Where to Find a Professional Gilbert Orthodontist?

Robison Orthodontics is the professional Gilbert orthodontist offering a range of orthodontic treatments to help patients achieve a flawless smile. We know our smiles represent how we greet the world. Therefore, having straight and healthy teeth is essential to convey our self-assurance and confidence.

If you have been searching for a perfect orthodontist near me, contact us to get more information regarding our services offered and pricing. Our professionals will help smile the way you deserve.

Celebrities That Have Also Worn Braces

May 25th, 2021

orthodontics celebrities braces

Orthodontic treatment is effective in straightening the teeth and moving them into the most desirable position. This not only gives a good look but also makes it easy to bite food and clean the teeth.

Today, orthodontic treatment and the use of braces are not only used to correct dental disorders. Celebrities too understand the importance of Orthodontics in improving their smile while on stage. Celebrities like Angelina Julie confess that their flawless, beautiful smile is attributed to Orthodontics treatment.
For patients with an underbite or overbite, dental braces have proven to be among the most convenient correction aids. Continue reading to learn more about different types of braces and how they work.

What Are Braces?

Braces are dental devices that are worn to help correct crowded, crooked, or misaligned teeth. An orthodontist may recommend different types of braces for a better bite and overall improvement of dental health. Braces also help in fixing gaps between teeth.

Famous Celebrities Who’ve Worn Braces

Some celebrities, particularly Hollywood actresses are known for the beautiful, perfect smile witnessed on television screens and magazines.

Here are some famous celebrities who’ve worn braces:

  • Tom Cruise
  • Angelina Julie
  • Katie Holmes
  • Serena Williams
  • Megan Fox
  • Kendall Jenner
  • Gwen Stefani

Previously, it was hard to imagine a celebrity wearing braces. However, with the numerous benefits that come with different types of braces, more celebrities are now embracing them.

How Much Do Braces Cost for Celebrities?

The average cost for braces range between $3000-$8000. Generally, the cost of braces varies depending on the material used. Metal braces and Invisalign aligners, for instance, cost between $3000-$7000, while ceramic braces cost between $4000-8000. Lingual braces are the most expensive at $8000 or more.
For celebrities, the cost of braces is sometimes higher, as they are usually customized according to their needs.

Types of Braces

braces types

There are various types of braces, each with a unique set of uses and convenience. Here is a look at some of the common types of braces recommended by orthodontists:

Lingual Braces

They are custom-made and wired at the back of the teeth, hence not easily visible when viewed from the front jaw.

Metal Braces

These are the most popular types of braces. Metal braces are made of a combination of Titanium and stainless steel. They have metal brackets and a rubber band that holds the wire onto the brackets.

Self-ligating Braces

Self-ligating braces are similar to traditional metal braces except that clips are used to hold the wire onto the metal brackets instead of a rubber band.



These are clear braces, which are quite distinct from the rest because a series of clear plastic aligners are used instead of the metal brackets and wires. Most patients prefer clear braces since they are somehow invisible from afar.

Gold Plated Braces

These are stainless steel metal braces mostly used by patients who are allergic to Nickel elements. Others also prefer them because of the gold plate that is more appealing than the usual types of metal braces.

Removable Aligners

They are mostly used to correct minor misalignment of the teeth. When worn, they gradually move the misaligned teeth to the right position.

Titanium Braces

They are similar to stainless steel braces but are stronger and lighter. They are recommended for patients with Nickel allergies.

Professional and Affordable Braces in Gilbert

Having straight teeth and a correctly aligned jaw not only gives a perfect smile but also improves your dental health. Braces are the best orthodontic devices to achieve this.

Robinson Orthodontics is dedicated to offering the best orthodontics services in Gilbert, AZ. We have incredible types of braces and nearly invisible aligners for various dental needs. Please contact us to schedule consultation and discuss your treatment options

Can You Still Play Sports With Braces?

May 11th, 2018

Spring has arrived, the weather is warming up and more people are going outside to exercise and play their favorite sports. Whether it is baseball, soccer or mountain biking, a person who wears braces might wonder if they should be playing sports. The answer is yes. Both children and adults who use braces Gilbert services can participate in sports as long they protect their mouths while doing so.

Protecting a Smile
A bright, perfect smile is something that many people work hard to achieve. In order to protect it during sports, it is recommended that the patient wear a mouthguard. It should be considered as a part of the overall orthodontic treatment. The mouthguard will protect the teeth from any possible injury while engaging in contact sports. Even if the particular activity will have little to no contact, a mouthguard is still a good precautionary measure.

What an Orthodontic Mouthguard Does
An orthodontic mouthguard is a protective device that is designed perfectly to fit a person's mouth and teeth. Made from silicone, it provides a cushion between the lips and teeth to prevent them from impacting one another, which could affect the position of the braces. This type of mouthguard is made in a larger size than a typical device in order to accommodate the braces, but it is still very comfortable to wear. It should be noted that inexpensive, "boil-and-bite" mouthguards should not be used with braces because when the teeth begin to move, the device will no longer fit.

Injury While Wearing Braces
When a sports injury occurs to someone wearing braces, the orthodontist's office should be contacted immediately to determine if an emergency appointment is needed. A blow to the mouth can result in bleeding gums, broken brackets and even fractured teeth, which is a very serious condition. Even if there does not appear to be any obvious damage, it is still a good idea to have the mouth examined to ensure the braces are intact, and the treatment can continue as planned.

Wearing braces does not mean a person must give up sports and having fun outside. Using an orthodontic mouthguard to cushion the teeth will protect against injury while preserving a healthy, beautiful smile.

Reasons Why Adults Prefer Invisalign

March 7th, 2018

adult invisalign

Using braces to improve the health and appearance of a smile isn’t just for teens, because with Invisalign clear braces, adults can also now have a dazzling, straight smile they can feel good about. Below are five reasons for adults to choose Invisalign instead of metal braces when working with the team at Robison Orthodontics.

1. They’re convenient.

Due to the busyness of home and work schedules, it can be difficult for professionals to make time for regular appointments to adjust their braces. These appointments can be required as frequently as every week. By choosing Invisalign from Robison Orthodontics, you’ll get multiple sets of aligners which will prevent you from having to make weekly visits. When you begin your treatment course, you’ll receive clear instructions for how to work with your Gilbert Invisalign braces. You’ll learn the length of time to keep each aligner in, and you won’t need to visit our office until you’re ready for another set of aligners.

2. They’re easy to care for.

A second reason for choosing Invisalign is the ease of caring for them. Because they’re made with plastic, you’ll be able to take the braces off when brushing and flossing which promotes healthy teeth and gums due to thorough cleaning. The aligners are also made to come off before eating anything, and you’ll have a specially designed solution for the cleaning and sterilization of the aligners.

3. They’re aesthetically appealing.

One of the top reasons adults choose Invisalign braces as opposed to metal braces is the aesthetical appeal. Since the braces will be nearly invisible while they’re working to adjust your smile, you’ll be less self-conscious. The clear aligners allow wearers to continue their normal schedules for home and work appointments without having metal braces that stand out.

4. They offer good treatment time.

Along with spending less time visiting the office, your treatment time may be faster than conventional braces. A lot of adults are interested in Invisalign to adjust teeth that were previously straightened but have drifted. As a cosmetic solution, often treatment for such adults will take less than a full year especially if they’re careful to follow the instructions for use. For those who are using Invisalign for an initial treatment plan, the amount of time treatment will take is generally similar to those using conventional braces.

5. They provide consistent, dependable results.

Invisalign braces provide consistent and dependable results for patients who follow the prescribed course of treatment which is 22 hours wear each day and proper cleaning and sterilization. Many of the patients here at our office who stick to the plan are happy with their results.

The Cost of Invisalign

The cost of Invisalign largely depends on the number of orthodontic work that one requires. There are a few factors included while determining the cost. This includes the oral health of the person, the amount of work that needs to be done before placing the Invisalign, location and average prices, dentist’s experience, and labor.

However, Invisalign is a little more expensive than the traditional ones. Hence, it’s important to stay financially and mentally prepared to bear the cost. On average the cost can range between $3000 to $7500. Dentists need to create a custom fit of this Invisalign to fit onto the unique teeth structure of individuals.

If you’ve been considering trying Invisalign braces, Robison Orthodontics can help you achieve a beautiful smile with this effective and simple method of treatment using clear braces. You can get more information or schedule a consultation by calling us today.

Robison Orthodontics Office News

June 27th, 2017

ordthodontics office news

How Does an Orthodontist Help You?

An orthodontist’s primary responsibility includes straightening the teeth structure, improving the bite by correcting the teeth and keeping the jaw lines up. They use tooth aligners, braces, and other appliances to help with their practices. Moreover, they help patients to have a perfectly beautiful smile while fixing their teeth structure.

Generally, they work with patients of all ages starting from children to adults. In addition to fixing the teeth structure and jaw irregularities, they also identify the problems inside the mouth that may turn to be severe in the future. People who are having improper teeth structure or any irregularities in their jawline will greatly be benefited.

Dear Friends,

It has been a great pleasure to return to my hometown and practice orthodontics these past 14 years.  How the time has flown by! Originally we opened in Mesa in 2003 at my father’s dental office only to add our Gilbert location shortly thereafter.  At this time I’ve made the difficult decision to sell my Mesa practice to a friend and colleague.  As of July 1, appointments will no longer be able to be scheduled in Mesa.  My sole focus moving forward will now be our Gilbert patients and serving the amazing friends, old and new, that we have made here in the Southeast Valley.

Additionally, my brother, Dr. Blake, is moving on to new goals and aspirations that he has and unfortunately will not be with us moving forward. It has been my great pleasure to work with him these past seven years.  He will surely be missed by all.

Very little will change moving ahead though.  We will still largely have the same great team and be open the same amount of time that we always have been here in Gilbert.  Planned appointments and other arrangements will not change. Our complete attention, time, efforts and care will now be only focused on our wonderful patients in the greater Gilbert area.

Thank you so very much for entrusting us to brighten your smiles and hopefully your days as well.  We love working with you and your family and friends! It has been our joy and pleasure and we look forward to many more years of wonderful experiences serving you!

With love

Dr. Tyler Robison and Team

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