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Tips for New Invisalign Users in 2022

May 19th, 2022

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Thank you for finding the best universe for Invisalign orthodontist in Gilbert Arizona. Here at Robison Orthodontics, you can be certain to have found your way to a more confident smile and straighter teeth by inquiring about our Invisalign treatment solutions, although you may be wearing them for several months, it’s worth your time.

Your life will dramatically change before and after braces with our Invisalign treatments. While many sit and ponder whether or not they should take the step to getting the smile they deserve, those who do get everything they were looking for when they see experts at a Gilbert, AZ orthodontist and get exclusive access to our free advice for new users.

To learn more about the best tips for new Invisalign users in 2022 and how these tips and tricks can help you on your new Invisalign journey, keep reading this comprehensive guide from the ultimate Invisalign specialist in Gilbert, Arizona, Robison Orthodontics.

The Benefits of Invisalign Treatment Solutions

benefits of invisalign

There are several benefits to Invisalign aligners before and after braces, especially when compared to traditional braces. Invisalign treatment solutions offer the wearer the added comfort of no one knowing you’re wearing braces and so much more.

Here are some reasons why Invisalign aligners are better than conventional braces:

  • Comfort: Traditional braces have sharp edges, wires, and brackets that have a tendency to pierce the soft and sensitive skin in your mouth. This can cause extreme discomfort and aggravation. Invisalign aligners are smooter, lowering your level of discomfort and pain throughout the alignment process.
  • Convenience: With a traditional brace, visits to a Gilbert, AZ orthodontist are required for adjustment; however, when you wear Invisalign aligners, you can get your adjustments by receiving new trays every few weeks. There’s no reason to go to the orthodontist for painful visits when you can see the best Invisalign orthodontist in Gilbert, Arizona has to offer.
  • Appearance: Invisalign treatment solutions are invisible; therefore, no one knows you are wearing them. They provide straighter teeth without looking obtrusive coupled with the silver appearance of conventional braces that makes some people not want to smile.

With the best Invisalign orthodontist in Gilbert, Arizona, wearing Invisalign is so much better than before and after braces that make people conscious about wearing them.

5 Tips for New Invisalign Users in 2022

invisalign tips

Since we just discovered the benefits of Invisalign treatment solutions, let’s see how these five tips and tricks can help you get the most out of your new smile. Remember, you will need to get used to your new Invisalign aligners, so practice healthier routines for a better and happier smile.

Here are five Invisalign tips from Robison Orthodontics:

1. Wear Your Aligners

Since you just spent a considerable amount of money, time, and effort to straighten your teeth, it’s paramount to wear them. You should keep your aligners on for as long as you can with the recommended time being approximately 24 hours.

2. Save Your Previous Trays

Some people make the mistake of throwing their old trays away when they receive their new ones. Saving your previous trays is ideal in case you happen to lose your new trays. Saving them can also come in handy if you damage your new trays as well; therefore, always keep your previous trays for cases of emergencies.

3. Change Your Trays on Time

According to the best Invisalign orthodontist in Gilbert, Arizona, you should change your trays on time about every couple of weeks. This will help to ensure that your teeth straighten slightly more than the last set of trays. Your Gilbert, AZ orthodontist can help you maintain a healthy schedule for tray renewals.

4. Avoid using Mouthwash and Toothpaste for Cleaning

It is not recommended by most Invisalign specialists to use mouthwash or toothpaste to clean your aligners. Mouthwash contains colorants and dyes that can stain your aligners, and toothpaste contains small abrasive particles that scratch the thermoplastic. Further, using these products can change the color of your aligner from clear to blue, green, or purple color.

5. Practice Good Oral Hygiene

Wearing Invisalign aligners can promote bacteria build-up inside of your mouth. It’s always a good idea to brush and floss your teeth after a meal for practicing good oral hygiene and cleaning your Invisalign aligners with a recommended cleaning agent by your orthodontist.

Obtaining the Best Invisalign Orthodontist in Gilbert, Arizona

invisalign orthodontist in Gilbert Arizona

Obtaining the best Gilbert, AZ orthodontist couldn’t be any easier than calling Robison Orthodontics today or click here to fill out our contact form for more information about Invisalign treatment solutions that make wearing braces invisible and comfortable and professionally fitted for your teeth.

Get your teeth straightened out and see the difference an Invisalign specialist like Robison Orthodontics can make for a smile that’s worth every penny.

How Often Should You Floss a Day?

January 21st, 2022


When it comes to oral health care, routine flossing is a big part of healthy gum lines, teeth, and your smile. An experienced Invisalign orthodontist in Gilbert Arizona can provide good oral hygiene tips as well as personal instruction on how to floss properly. Using just a toothbrush isn’t good enough to reach the stubborn areas with lodged food.

One area where flossing daily becomes important is for the bacteria that remains trapped between your teeth. Gilbert orthodontics recommends flossing at least twice daily: once in the morning after breakfast and once during the evening after dinner. However, brushing and flossing after lunch isn’t a bad idea either.

To discover how an Invisalign orthodontist in Gilbert, Arizona can improve your smile and correct crooked and misaligned teeth and how flossing promotes healthy teeth and gums, keep reading.

Should Flossing Be Done Before or After Brushing?

brushing and flossing teeth

According to the most recommended Invisalign orthodontist in Gilbert, Arizona, you can floss anytime you want; however, it’s always best to brush first because it loosens up the plaque stuck between your teeth and makes flossing more effective. On the other end of the toothbrush, you can floss anytime you want to remove leftover food particles.

The most important component to flossing is to use a fresh piece of dental floss, floss thoroughly, and go between every tooth. There are times when you may think or feel that your teeth are clean and look good but not flossing can result in the buildup of plaque on your teeth.

Is There a Specific Type of Dental Floss to Use for Invisalign?

Whether you have clear braces or an Invisalign alternative, most orthodontists in Gilbert recommend using flexible floss strands or cleaning picks for your daily flossing routines. For those with permanent oral restorations or appliances, follow the flossing instructions provided to you by your local Gilbert orthodontics.

Can Flossing Too Much Hurt My Teeth?


While flossing typically doesn’t hurt your teeth, an expert Gilbert orthodontist may recommend not over-flossing to protect the enamel of your teeth. For example, floss can cause friction like sandpaper; therefore, flossing too long in one area could lead to wearing down the enamel that protects your teeth.

The Benefits of Gilbert Orthodontics

The benefits of an Invisalign orthodontist in Gilbert, Arizona can make all of the difference in the world when it comes to using the proper dental floss combined with the best flossing techniques for your teeth with clear braces. Gilbert orthodontics is where most people living in Arizona go for high-quality dental and oral hygiene care.

Some other benefits include:

  • A healthier mouth
  • Stronger teeth
  • Gums free of bacteria
  • Better enamel protection
  • Brighter and whiter smiles
    Brushing and flossing your teeth comes with many long-term benefits for a better and healthier set of teeth. Most orthodontists in Gilbert report that flossing twice a day can prevent many cases of rotted and broken off teeth, leaving you with your natural teeth longer.

    Seeing an Invisalign Orthodontist in Gilbert, Arizona

    invisalign orthodontist

    Seeing an Invisalign orthodontist in Gilbert couldn’t be any easier than calling Robinson today or by contacting us by clicking here.

    Here at Robison Orthodontics, we have the best orthodontists in Gilbert that can help anyone with flossing techniques and see if you’re a candidate for Invisalign restorations.

    Remember, flossing promotes healthier gums, teeth, and smiles. For more information about Invisalign or flossing tips and techniques, do not hesitate to come in and see us today and get the best dental care in Gilbert. Additionally, our orthodontists are experienced with young children and provide a kid-friendly environment.

    What Foods Ruin Your Enamel?

    December 27th, 2021

    Dental care is an important part of life that most people don't pay attention to. People assume that by brushing their teeth every day, they are safe from tooth decay and other dental problems. This is a misguided understanding of dental health.

    It is possible to develop tooth decay and teeth misalignment even if a person brushes teeth every day. This is because there are other aspects of dental care that are not catered for by simple toothpaste. These are factors that must be controlled by each person to protect their teeth and are not dependent on brushing.

    If teeth get misaligned, it becomes necessary to explore treatment options. The Invisalign treatment process has stood out to become one of the top choices among patients of dental misalignment. Keep on reading to learn more about this process.

    What is Invisalign Treatment?

    Invisalign treatment is a dental realignment method where dentists administer a clear teeth tray to a patient. The patient wears the teeth aligners continuously to adjust the position of their teeth. Teeth aligners are more like invisible braces that can be used to adjust the positioning of teeth.

    Invisalign treatment duration depends on the patient. If a person wears the aligners consistently, the process will be much faster than a person who keeps on removing the aligners.

    While it is recommended to take care of your teeth by brushing, be wary of actions that can damage teeth to require treatment.

    Below are habits that will ruin your teeth:

    Eating Acidic Foods

    acidic foods According to our lead orthodontist in Gilbert, the use of highly acidic foods can lead to teeth decay. When teeth start decaying, they are likely to get out of shape. If this happens, the only solution is to use invisible braces through the Invisalign treatment. Other types of tooth damage such as decay may require alternative treatment.

    Among the acidic foods that may cause tooth decay are strawberries, lemons, grapes, and apples. The other foods that are also mildly acidic are maple, tomatoes, and honey. While having these foods in moderate amounts is allowed, do not take them in excessive amounts.

    Brushing Teeth at the Wrong Time

    Brushing teeth is one thing but brushing them right is a different thing. Our orthodontist in Gilbert recommends brushing teeth three times a day. Further, they say that brushing should be done 30 minutes from the moment you finish a meal.

    Those who use Invisalign treatment are also allowed to remove their aligners and brush their teeth whenever necessary. Even so, the aligners should be worn immediately after brushing.

    Biting Your Nails

    The other bad habit is biting nails and using teeth to open cans and bottles. This can lead to misalignment of teeth on the jaw. According to our orthodontist in Gilbert, it might be necessary for a person to use Invisalign treatment to correct the problem after many years of biting nails.

    These Invisalign attachments are ideal for all people since they are invisible. Even if a person has to attend a formal meeting, they are not a distraction to worry about.

    Getting the Best Orthodontist in Gilbert, Arizona

    orthodontist To get your teeth aligned, you will need to look for the services of the best dentist around. For Invisalign treatment, you need to be sure that you are dealing with a trusted and reliable dentist. If you are a resident of Gilbert, we have just the best professionals to handle your case.

    At Robinson Orthodontics, we pride ourselves on being home to the best orthodontist in Gilbert. We will help you find out the problem with your teeth and provide a reliable solution. To find out more about our services, write to us or give us a call using this contact information.

    3 Ways to Maintain a Healthy Smile?

    April 8th, 2021

    Dental care for a Healthy Smile

    A healthy portrays a hearty spirit and speaks of confidence in the wearer of the smile. Taking care of oral health is one of the best ways to restore confidence and bring back a healthy smile.

    For many people, dental care isn’t that much of a priority until the need arises and there is a need to engage a dental care expert. This situation can be addressed through dental care continuing education and programs that emphasize dental hygiene.

    If you are looking for ways of maintaining a healthy smile, continue reading.

    What is a Good Dental Routine??

    A good dental routine involves flossing and brushing teeth at least twice daily and a good diet accompanied by plenty of water will improve dental health. Sugary and carbonated drinks lead to the buildup of acids that eventually break down the enamel, being the main cause of tooth decay, according to orthodontist Gilbert experts.

    Dental routine

    Smoking and drinking are leading causes of oral cancer and negatively affect oral health. Routine oral checkups are necessary to mitigate future dental problems that may arise due to age and other factors. At least two dental checkups a year are recommended for adults.

    Dental Care Definition

    Dental care refers to the proper maintenance and care of teeth. It entails all that pertains to oral hygiene including any measures that are meant to stave off the spread of periodontal diseases and dental caries.

    Dental care also involves the intervention of medical professionals, referred to as dentists in the correction of dental disorders and the provision of services that lead to improved dental and oral hygiene.

    Dental Care at Home

    There are everyday practices that can be adapted to promote dental health at home. The betterment of oral hygiene is within the control of each and every individual and doesn’t require long drawn and elaborate procedures to follow.

    The following simple steps can be used to promote dental care at home:

    • Brushing immediately after drinking sugary drinks and beverages
    • Drinking enough water
    • Eating at the appropriate time and avoiding snacking on sugary foods
    • Changing toothbrushes once in a while and using the right toothbrush
    • Flossing regularly, at least once a day
    • Using a fluoride toothpaste
    • Cutting the consumption of tobacco and alcoholic products
    • Brushing teeth at least twice a day
    • Eating a balanced, healthy diet

    Dental care tips can be inculcated in children at home because they are easy to follow.

    Dental Care Continuing Education

    Oral healthcare is not complete without information about how to maintain oral hygiene on a regular basis. This kind of information provides free oral care and published courses that can be easily accessed by individuals online in the form of webinars and reading materials on dental care at home and dental care products.

    Dental care continuing education additionally empowers people with knowledge on dental care insurance and dental care credit facilities available for their utilization. Dental care credit empowers people to pay for out-of-pocket expenses for dental procedures and services whenever their dental care insurance limits are exhausted.

    Insurance providers like Delta dental care provide affordable dental packages and benefits to families and have the largest network and panel of dental providers countrywide.

    Uncovering the Truth About Dental Care Services

    A quick search of dental care near me in Gilbert, Arizona will lead you to Robinson Orthodontics, a renowned provider of dental services. The team of experts, led by Dr. Tyler Robinson offers the best orthodontic treatment using the latest technology.

    To schedule an appointment with Robinson Orthodontics, contact us through our telephone number (480) 888-7711 or email us for a scheduled appointment or consultation.

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