About Orthodontics

A healthy, beautiful smile is the ultimate objective of anyone seeking orthodontic care. Does your smile make you self-conscious? You can dramatically improve the way you look and feel once you have those concerns addressed.

Upon the completion of your treatment, you will finally get the smile you were looking for and it will immediately boost your confidence. Having you feel comfortable and confident all the way through your orthodontic treatment is important to us and we are dedicated to providing the highest possible care for you.

The Way Orthodontic Treatment Works

Plastic, metal and ceramics are the materials used in Orthodontic appliances. Some are removable, while others have brackets that are affixed to the teeth. A gentle and constant force is applied carefully in the required direction. The teeth move to the proper position as the force is slowly applied to the braces.

The ugly metal band that included a bracket attached to every tooth is a thing of the past. You now have the option to select metal or clear brackets and you can even choose your appliance color in certain cases. The wires are not as noticeable and the modern materials are made to align the teeth quicker with less discomfort. You can now wear braces at any age!

How Long Will Treatment Last?

The time for treatment can vary quite a bit; anywhere from 1 to 3 years and it will depend on age, type of treatment and the severity of the case. You also play a major role in how successful your treatment will be. If you are involved and diligent, your treatment will be much more effective. Children get a much quicker treatment time if they get interceptive or early treatment. 

Before you start your orthodontic care, Dr. Tyler Robison or Dr. Blake Robison, will provide you with the various options and will give you an estimate of your total treatment time. Find out more about orthodontics and the various treatment options Robison Orthodontics provide by giving us a call today and setting up a free Braces or Invisalign consultation.

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